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Installations d'applications pour smartphone Android avec Raccoon

Howto change the base and data folder, with Raccoon.

The Racoon software comes with the manual, but there is no info about how to change the user folder, where the data are stored.
(I searched and didn't find it).

By default, Raccoon creates a folder and puts all it's stuff in a folder named : "~/Raccoon", that is in the user home folder.

After searching in the source code, and looking how it does it's "home" folder, the solution is easy.

For starting Raccoon with a different home and data folder, launch it with the java system property "raccoon.home" set to the folder you want.
The java system property is set when starting the Raccoon application

A sample of the code is :
java -Draccoon.home="/your/raccoon/data/folder" -jar raccoon-4.2.5.jar &

You can add the "-Draccoon.home=..." in the desktop menu (or "raccourcis") items for launching your Raccoon application, or in the scripts to start it.

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